Launch of the participatory financing campaign!

Launch of the participatory financing campaign!
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Launch of the participatory financing campaign!

It's official: the Sowefund crowdfunding campaign is now public and open to all!


3 reasons to invest in VitaDX :


Supporting french innovation

VitaDX's VisioCyt® technology - a breakthrough innovation - is the product of French research and is protected by 5 patents.


Promoting the development of high-performance, reliable diagnostic solutions for cancer

Following the successful development of its first VisioCyt® Bladder solution for bladder cancer, VitaDX will be applying its technology to other pathologies such as thyroid cancer. Also underway is a project to screen at-risk populations for bladder cancer.


Improving patients' quality of life

The solutions developed by the company aim to improve diagnosis, personalize the patient's care pathway and reduce unnecessary invasive procedures.


Investing in VitaDX means contributing to the advancement of innovative diagnostic solutions.


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