First public conference dedicated to bladder cancer, organized by the University Hospital of Rennes and the Eugène Marquis Center
12 May 2022 -

VitaDX attended the first public conference dedicated to bladder cancer, organized by the University Hospital of Rennes and the Eugène Marquis…

rennes business
Interview with Allan Rodrigues - CEO of VitaDX by Destination Rennes Business
25 April 2022 -

Allan Rodriguez - CEO of VitaDX was interviewed by Destination Rennes to present the startup VitaDX and its in vitro diagnostic medical device…

ouest france
An article from Ouest France: A breton artificial intelligence to detect bladder cancer
30 November 2021 -

Thanks to Ouest France for this very nice article.
VitaDX has been partnering for several years with LTSI  (Signal and Image Processing…

ECOSYSTEME - Interview of Allan Rodriguez and Dr Camélia Radulescu on B SMART
20 September 2021 -

Thomas Hugues welcomes Allan Rodriguez (VitaDX) and Camélia Radulescu (Foch hospital) to ÉCOSYSTÈME to talk about VitaDX's new diagnostic solution…

4th round of financing for VitaDX
21 September 2020 -

VitaDX completes a €3M financing round with its historical investors GO CAPITAL, ODYSSEE Venture and FFBB Management and its financial partners…

CE marking of the VisioCyt® solution
11 February 2020 -

VitaDX is very proud to announce the CE marking of its first software solution dedicated to bladder cancer diagnosis: VisioCyt®.

VitaDX, Go Capital, Odyssee Venture et Auriga
VitaDX raises €4 million from GO CAPITAL, AURIGA Partners, ODYSSEE Venture and FFBB Management
9 July 2019 -

This fundraising will allow VitaDX to finalize the development and ensure the commercial deployment of its first early bladder cancer detection…

UC3: VitaDX, Cerballiance Finistère and the COSS laboratory are collaborating within the framework of the "Collaborative innovation at the crossroads of different sectors" initiative.
14 May 2019 -

The Characterisation of Urothelial Cancer Cells "UC3" project funded by the Brittany region, Rennes Métropole and the ERDF aims to deepen our…

La Tribune
”Paroles d’Experts” show by La Tribune
16 July 2018 -

Allan Rodriguez (CEO and co-founder of VitaDX) and Pascal Eschwège (Professor of Urology at the University Hospital of Nancy and co-founder of…